Berlin Wannsee: October 5th-9th 2005

The conference in Berlin was based on the theme "living together with the other - education and religion in a European context" this website will contain:

Conference documentation

  • Conference programme (Eng) - download [PDF:156kb]
  • CoGREE statement [draft] (Eng) - download [Word:44kb]
  • Conference delegates (Eng) - download [Word:80kb]
  • Conference report (Eng) - download [PDF:87kb]

Conference Papers (be aware some of these files are BIG] all papers are in English.

  • Terrice presentation - download [PPT:9.6Mb]
  • Bert Roebben presentation - download [PPT:4.2Mb]
  • Pille Valk presentation - download [PPT:916kb]
  • Bob Jackson presentation - download [PPT:1.4Mb]
  • Proposals for the future of CoGREE (speakers) - download [Word:36kB]
  • Proposals for the future of CoGREE (conference) - download [Word:44kB]
  • Friedrich Schweitzer - download [Word:68kb]
  • Jan Figel speech - download [PDF: 212kb]
  • Rappateur - Ulrich Becker - download [Word:56kb]

For photographs from the conference - click here

Thanks to the St. Gabriel's Trust for supporting this conference