Klingenthal Colloquy : October 8th-12th, 2012

The conference in Klingenthal was based on the theme "Social Cohesion, Religion and Education in the Context of Europe”

Conference documentation

  • Conference programme (Eng) - download [PDF:442kb]

Conference Papers (be aware some of these files are BIG] all papers are in English.

  • James Barnett - An intervention - download [PDF - 1.9Mb]
  • Prof. Bob Jackson - The Council of Europe and the European Wergeland Centre: Towards a Road Map for Disseminating Policy on Learning about Religions and Non-religious Worldviews in Europe - download [PDF - 9.6Mb]
  • Dr Valentin Kozhuharov - Eastern and Western European RE: similarities, differences and learning from each other - download [PDF - 389kb]
  • Prof. Bert Roebben - “Learning in difference” Social cohesion and the role of (religious) education at school - download [PDF - 1.1Mb]
  • Katharina von Schnurbein, BEPA, Brussels, Europe's future and the contribution of faith communities - download [PDF - 74kb]
  • Peter Schreiner - Religion in the Context of a Europeanisation of Education - download [PDF - 336kb]

Thanks to the Klingenthal for supporting this conference